Our World (February 2018)

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Our World (February 2018)


Past, present, future

80 leading minds reflect on the state of our societies and examine the challenges that lie ahead. An edition dedicated to generating ideas that will help form a new vision for our world. This collection of analyses serves as a torch that lights the uncertain and winding footpath of the future that lies ahead.


Democracy Challenged
By Serge Schmemann

Evolution in democracy and our democratic societies
By Alexandros Koronakis


Make Europe Popular again
By Antonio López-Istúriz White

Ireland:  Doubling down on EU membership
By Helen McEntee

Reliable Partners in a Changing World Scenario
By Luis Videgaray Caso

Europe’s internal and external challenges
By Mikuláš Dzurinda

The Future of Transatlantic Relations
By David McAllister

Business as usual, or will we adapt to the rapidly changing world?
By Ingeborg Grässle

 “America First” Wakes Up the EU
By Elmar Brok

A conversation with Helmut Kohl
By Theodore Roussopoulos

Armenia – A Crossroads between Europe and Asia
By Gagik Tsarukyan

A different EU Agenda for Innovation and Growth
By Donald Kalff

It’s Europe’s time to provide the answers
By Andrianos Giannou

Europe must be made more effective. Now!
By Maroun Labaki

Unwelcome Europe
By Markella Papadouli

A battle of campaigners
By Shane Fitzgerald

Brexit and the microcosm of Europe
By Dr. Foteini Kalantzi



How Inequality Works
By Angus Deaton

The Global Economy’s Risky Recovery
By Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Free Market for the Next Generation
By Eli Hazan

Saving the Environment and the Economy
By Edmund S. Phelps

Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Hazards
By Maurice Obstfeld

Rediscovering Public Wealth Creation
By Mariana Mazzucato

Can Economic Policy Solve Economic Problems?
By Jason Furman



Safeguarding Elections in the Digital Age
By Jimmy Carter

Contemporary challenges and opportunities for our societies
By Carlos Moedas

Tackling ‘digital’ at the state level in a post-DSM world?
By Krzysztof Szubert

How IT Threatens Democracy
By Kofi A. Annan

The Internet of Things – Delivering a Connected World
By Karim Lesina

A Big Data Dystopia
By Chelsea Manning

Creating the Policy Environment for AI Innovation  and Citizens’ Trust
By Naveen Rao

Making Social Media Safe for Democracy
By Samantha Bradshaw and Philip N. Howard

The End of Twitter Diplomacy?
By Rob Worthington

The Social Media Threat to Society and Security
By George Soros

The Self-Regulation Mistake
By David Ibsen

Is this the end of the era of science?
By Dr Rick Phillips



 The Energy Union in 2018: the year of engagement
By Maroš Šefčovič

A Year of Renewed Climate Commitments
By Laurence Tubiana

A Truly Global Response to Climate Change
By Akinwumi Adesina, Suma Chakrabarti, Bandar M. H. Hajjar, Werner Hoyer, Kundapur Vaman Kamath, Jim Yong Kim, Jin Liqun, Luis Alberto Moreno, and Takehiko Nakao

Russian gas in Europe: new highs and political intrigues
By Konstantin Simonov

Gazing into the Energy Crystal Ball for 2018
By Kostis Geropoulos



A More Perfect Union
By Joe Biden

Agile Governance for a Fractured World
By Klaus Schwab

Revolutionary Centrism
By Tony Blair

Reversing a Democratic Decay
By Marina Silva

What Makes Propaganda More Dangerous Today?
By Samantha Power

A Democracy That’s Drowning in Cash
By Celestine Bohlen

Has dealing with Pride and Prejudice become a challenge for media?
By Lieven Taillie

Will the Center Hold?
By Lawrence Summers

Stealing the Populists’ Clothes
By Radosław Sikorski

The Venal Roots of Political Turmoil
By Janine R. Wedel

The New Democratic Wave
By Kishore Mahbubani

Why We Need Political Parties
By Moisés Naím

Roadmap to a New Convergence
By Francisco Jaime Quesado

The time beckons
By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



A New Balance for the Global Age
By Gordon Brown

East Asia’s Rising Star
By Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Asia’s Cities Against North Korea
By Yuriko Koike

The Trumping of Asia
By Kevin Rudd

Xi Unbound?
By Minxin Pei

How to Break Korea’s Barriers to Social Mobility
By Ha-Joon Chang

Latin America’s Annus Mediocris
By Jorge Castañeda

Venezuela’s Struggle for Freedom
By María Corina Machado

We Dream of Living in a Free Venezuela
By Lilian Tintori

The Only True Strategy for Russia
By Mikhail Khodorkovsky

In Turkey, Democracy Is in Peril
By Elif Shafak

Africa, the Business Deal of the Century
By Célestin Monga

In Syria, the World’s Democracies Failed Us
By Fadi Azzam






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