Our World in 2017

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Our World in 2017

More than 100 personalities came together to write about the challenges, hopes, and dreams for the year 2017. In an annual edition that carries the political, business, and civil society agenda for the year to come, and is a torch that lights the uncertain and winding footpath of the future that lies ahead.



Our World in 2017 – on the cover
by New Europe

Quo Vadis Europa?

The Year of Confusion
by Basil A. Coronakis

The winter of our discontent
by Antonio Lopez Istúriz White

Europe’s Values  Are Its Best Defense
by Donald Tusk

The year of all crossroads
by Corina Crețu

An open and safe Europe
by Dimitris Avramopoulos

Eight points to preserve the European way of life
by Manfred Weber

A new chapter for the European Parliament
by Gianni Pittella

‘Europe must work  for everyone’
by Jan Zahradil

The impact of the CAP on the development of the European farming
by Jarosław Kalinowski

2017 can be a year of hope and delivery
byDanuta-Maria Huebner

Call for a European Public Prosecutor’s Office
by Monica Macovei

Why enlargement still matters
by Knut Fleckenstein

From challenges to changes
by Elisabetta Gardini

The close of the year  and future directions
by Neena Gill

Elections will continue to dominate politics in 2017
by Ulrike Trebesius

The unity of the EU and the trust of citizens in the EU must be restored!
by Tokia Saïfi

Bring back solidarity in EU
by Annie Schreijer-Pierik

Interreligious dialogue at all levels
by Marian Apostol

From Trump to Europe
by Elen Wasylina

Myopia or utopia?
by Ralf Grahn

The new way
by Francisco Jaime Quesado

Exercising leadership

Re-inventing political leadership:  10 qualities political leaders need
by Alberto Alemanno

Five leadership priorities for 2017
by Klaus Schwab

Welcome to the year of the man on the street, not the man in the suit
by Séamus Conboy

Doing nothing is not an option
by Rob Worthington

The dangers of the western path
by Foteini Kalantzi

Saving the center
by Tony Blair

Shattering the filthy glass ceiling
by Alexandros Koronakis

Society in bloom

Humanitarian priorities for the EU in 2017
by Christos Stylianides

2016 was the best year in human history, and 2017 will be better yet
by Daniel Hannan

Open society needs defending
by George Soros

There is no path to social inclusion, social inclusion is the path
by Luk Zelderloo

The new idealism: A new year’s resolution for 2017
by Vibeke Sorensen

Democracy, inclusion, and prosperity
by Raghuram Rajan

The age of Trump
by Joseph E. Stiglitz

The emergence of a post-fact world
by Francis Fukuyama

Meeting the populist challenge
by Dominic Barton

“Brave New World”
by Peter Niedermüller

The new year and  the new populism
by Margaret MacMillan

Lessons from the  populist revolt
by Michael J. Sandel

Populism and the future  of central banking
by Lucrezia Reichlin

The digital revolution

Is the European digital sector catching up in 2017?
by Fátima Barros

New skills for a changing world
by Martina Dlabajová

Next wave revolution: Age of the internet of things
by Robert W. Quinn, Jr.

Crossing the threshold of the AI revolution
by Diane M. Bryant

Global vs Local Worlds

Time for EU member states to reflect on the strategic significance of Turkey
by Ömer Çelik

 The foreign policy priorities of the Kyrgyz republic in the European direction
by Erlan Abdyldaev

Does geography shape destiny? Georgia’s quest to define its location and history

by David Bakradze

Albania – A trustworthy and solid partner for the euro-atlantic agenda in the Balkans
by Ilir Meta

Post-crisis Greece
by George Papaconstantinou

2017. Between risk and hope
by Pablo Casado

Poland in 2017. A Government committed to delivering the “people’s manifesto”
by Thomasz Piotr Poręba

Italy’s great efforts in terms of innovation, development and less bureaucracy
by Massimiliano Salini

White Christian identity politics and foreign policy in the United States
by Lincoln Mitchell

The brief life of the idea for the creation of NATO black sea fleet

by Yordan Bozhilov

We took Theresa May’s government to court to protect British parliamentary sovereignty and democracy
by Ivo Ilic Gabara & Gina Miller

Corruption as a buttress  of jihadist ‘states’
by Theodoros Benakis

Civil society: A key driver of change in Eastern partnership countries
by Rasa Uzdavinyte

Fast Media, slow problems
by Irene Kostaki

The tilting balance of local politics and global policies
by Ilia Roubanis

Italy desperately needs stability in 2017
by Federico Grandesso

Transforming Latin America

The making of a peacemaker
Interview with  Juan Manuel Santos

Future-focused solutions in Latin America and around the globe
by Jeffrey McElfresh

2017 in Latin America: Recovery with greater risks
by Ricardo Villela Marino

Why social civic entrepreneurship is the antidote to human crisis in Latin America
by Patricia Villela Marino

Bridging all gaps: The transformation of Mexico´s telecommunication sector
by Mónica Aspe

Mexico´s new intermestic challenge
by Gabriela Cuevas Barron

Towards sustainable growth and climate-change adaptation
by Simón Gaviria Muñoz

A country in a digital transformation
by David Luna Sanchéz

The new economy

Getting past the  globalization bogeyman
by Angus Deaton

The challenge of economic inclusion
by Christine Lagarde

Economic impossibilities  for our grandchildren?
by Kaushik Basu

Towards an industrial policy that includes all great paths of development
by Gaetano Maccaferri

Which Way for Emerging Markets in 2017?
by Jim O’Neill

Energy & Climate

Gazing into the energy crystal ball for 2017
by Kostis Geropoulos

Building the energy union  on stable foundations
by Maroš Šefčovič

Tackling energy poverty: combining the Juncker plan with cohesion funds
by Maria Spyraki

Between competition and responsibility
by Nadežda Kokotović

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times
by Benedek Jávor

Europe should adopt the 4th real driving emissions package in 2017
by Eickhout Bas

European gas market:  The Russians are coming!
by Konstantin Simonov

The next generations

Europe’s future is its youth
by Tibor Navracsics

How would Europe score on a “Future preparedness” index?
by Caroline Jenner

Global challenges for  the world in 2017
by Jacobo Pombo García

Rolling-up our sleeves: the centre-right in 2017 and beyond
by Andrianos Giannou

The only path to successful European integration is through the proper education and training of the youth of Europe
by Spyridon Flogaitis

The role of media in violent conflict


The role of the media in violent conflicts in the digital age
by Gadi Wolfsfeld

Why study social media in conflict-ridden societies
by Dr. Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou

As NGOs fill the gaps in conflict news, should we be worried?
by Christoph Meyer &  Eric Sangar

News and conflict
by Abit Hoxha & Thomas Hanitzsch

Political communication  in the age of post-truth
by Marc Jungblut

Ethnocentric coverage: Audiences comfy zone in Macedonia
by Snezana Trpevska

On ritualized conflict: Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a poor guide for understanding other conflicts
by Christian Baden & Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt

Burundian journalism in crisis
by Marie-Soleil Frère

Our World in 2017 (Digital Edition)
New Europe By New Europe

Quo Vadis Europa?

Exercising leadership

Society in bloom

The age of populism

The digital revolution

Global vs Local Worlds

Transforming Latin America

The new economy

Energy & Climate

The next generations

The role of media in violent conflict