Our World in 2016

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Our World in 2016

More than 80 personalities came together to write about the challenges, hopes, and dreams for the year 2016. In an annual edition that carries the political, business, and civil society agenda for the year to come, and is a torch that lights the uncertain and winding footpath of the future that lies ahead.


Our World

The EU at a tipping point
by  Alexandros Koronakis

In a World of Crises:  European Solidarity Must Prevail
by Jean-Claude Juncker


Our Challenges: Migration & Secutiry

In 2016, terrorists will not destroy our democracies: only we can do that
by Thorbjørn Jagland 

Europe at a crossroads: time for more Europe
by Dimitris Avramopoulos

Unifying the struggle against ISIS
by Frank-Walter Steinmeier

The most effective succor  for refugees is solidarity
by  Benigno S. Aquino  III

Facing challenges together 
by Basil A. Coronakis

Why US, EU need to work  together to defeat terrorism 
by Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Defeating islamist extremists in 2016
by Tony Blair

Security and defence after the Paris attacks
by Joseph Daul

The European Union and The Fight against terrorism
by Nigel Farage

Walking the walk, instead of talking the talk
by Tanja  Fajon

The economic case in favour of GMOs
by Jarosław Kalinowski

Migration: The illusory security dilemma
by Foteini Kalantzi

The migration crisis is a historic test for Europe
by Manolis Kefalogiannis

Europe’s numb response to the refugee crisis: Philoxenia or xenophobia?
by Maria Spyraki

Our World: European Union

More than ever, we need to invest in Europe
by Corina Crețu

Setting targets for the New Year
by Manfred Weber

2015 was the year of twilight. In 2016, we will call on Juncker to take stock
by Gianni Pittella

The Union: our only chance
by Georges Dassis

A Year of powerful lessons
by Jimmy Jamar

The year to do better, together
by Ingeborg Graessle

The labyrinth of transatlantic prosperity
by David McAllister

From a Europe of bureaucrats, to a Europe of citizens
by Elisabetta Gardini

How the murderers outmaneuvered the media and human rights organizations
by Yair Lapid

Who fed Spanish radicals?
by Antanas Guoga

A new European vision founded on the values of Enlightenment and Humanism
by Eva Kaili

The future of European transport
by Claudia Țapardel

Fair income for farmers makes Europe independent
by Annie Schreijer-Pierik & Jaco Geurts

Cohesion policy is important in our world – the Finnish example
by Hannu Takkula

The case for Central Asia as a European partner
by Iveta Grigule

Treaty renegotiation is a collective game
by Sylvie Goulard

A stronger Europe in 2016 will be a force for global stability
by Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Our Economies

Building on the US-European relationship
by James Cicconi

Building the foundations for future growth in Mexico
by Luis Videgaray Caso

The great malaise continues
by Joseph E Stiglitz

The transitions of 2016
by Christine Lagarde

The left in the EU and challenges they will face
by Gabriele Zimmer

A stronger trade policy for  a stronger Europe in 2016 
by Viviane Reding

The world economy’s labor pains
by Kaushik Basu

The capital markets union
by Pablo Zalba Bidegain

The global monetary non-system
by Raghuram Rajan

China’s slowdown and Asia’s economy
by Shang-Jin Wei

China’s silk road vision
by Justin Yifu Lin

Our Digital World

Europe’s digital challenges in 2016
by Günther H. Oettinger

A New Year, a new chapter
by  Giovanni Buttarelli

Governing the internet  is vital to our future
by Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Catching the digital wave
by Dominic Barton

What will the year 2016 bring?
by Kaja Kallas

Our World: Climate & Energy

Gazing into the energy crystal ball for 2016
by Kostis Geropoulos

The Paris Agreement: a new glimmer of hope
by  Jose Inacio Faria

2015: Russian gas is returning to Europe 
by Konstantin Simonov

Our Societies: Moving Forward

Vancouver invites the world to glimpse  locally-driven, green economy solutions
by Ian Gerard McKay

Fighting violence against women must become Europe’s priority
by Nils Muižnieks

Challenges and priorities for 2016
by Christos Stylianides

Societal innovations to tackle burning challenges
by Markku Markkula

On the cutting edge of fighting fraud
by  Giovanni Kessler

2016 – let’s restart European employment
by Ulla Tørnæs

2016: A time for Europe to grow up
by Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

From child slavery to freedom
by  Kailash Satyarthi

East-West: the global art school as global laboratory for multicultural harmony
by Prof. Dorrit Vibeke Sørensen

Feeding a flawed society
by  Paul R. Ehrlich and John Harte

Entrepreneurship – Now more than ever !
by Michael Meissner

The fascism of the affluent 
by Joschka Fischer

Why entrepreneurship education matters
by Caroline Jenner

 The year of our intelligence 
by Francisco Jaime Quesado

2016: the odds are slim for Ukraine
by Dan Alexe

The world needs a right brain too 
by Peter Economides

Global & Local Context

2016: A year of diminishing democracy in Thailand
by Jane Snow

Rethinking sanctions
by Kofi Annan & Kishore Mahbubani

Ukraine: the balance sheet of reforms
by Mikuláš Dzurinda

Georgia’s mind is in Paris
by Gigla Agulashvili  & Davit Bakradze

Reaching out to Romanians abroad is a strategic priority
by Dan Stoenescu

Central Asia: a challenge and an opportunity for the European Union
by  David Borrelli

TTIP and ISDS: A trade agreement that wants to change the world
by Dimitrios Papadimoulis

India looks out
by  Arun Jaitley

Can America and Russia cooperate in Syria?
by Michael McFaul

Why ‘Islamic States’ in Africa will survive 2016
by Theodoros Benakis

2015 – The international security context: The Romanian view
by Dr. Bogdan Aurescu

Syria: Only civilian protection and accountability will make a political solution viable
by  Mouaffaq Nyrabia

Why the 2015 reforms  are not enough in Italy
by Grandesso Federico

What is “far right” in Europe?
by Ilia Roubanis

Should Russia look East or West  for economic prosperity?
by Andrey Yakunin

Exporting the Chinese model
by Francis Fukuyama

Our World in 2016 (digital edition)
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Our Challenges: Migration & Security

Our World: European Union

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Our World: Climate & Energy

Our Societies: Moving forward

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