European Commission appoints new Head of Representation in Estonia

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European Commission appoints new Head of Representation in Estonia

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Mr Keit Kasemets will take up office as the new Head of the European Commission Representation in Estonia on 16 January 2017. He brings to his new role more than ten years of experience working in high-level positions for the Estonian government and in its administration, as well as a wide network of contacts with stakeholders from national and international environments.

Since January 2016, Mr Kasemets has been Deputy Secretary-General in the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications, where he was responsible for Internal Market issues and preparations for the upcoming Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

After Estonia’s accession to the European Union, Mr Kasemets worked for two years (2004-2006) as Director of the EU Secretariat in the Government Office, developing an EU policy coordination system. He stayed on at the Estonian Government Office as Strategy Director coordinating the strategic planning of Government policies and the European Semester process in Estonia (from 2006 until 2012).

Between 2012 and 2015, Mr Kasemets worked at the OECD’s Directorate of Governance and Territorial Development as Head of the Strategy and Reform Team and also as Deputy Head of the Support for Improvement in Governance and Management Programme (SIGMA).

Mr Kasemets obtained his Master’s Degree in Political Science in 2000 from the University of Tartu in Estonia.


The Commission has Representations in all 28 EU Member States as well as Regional Offices in Barcelona, Belfast, Bonn, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Marseille, Milan, Munich and Wroclaw. The Representations are the Commission’s eyes, ears and voice on the ground in all EU Member States. They interact with national authorities and stakeholders and inform the media and the public about EU policies. The Representations report to the Commission’s headquarters on significant developments in the Member States. Since the beginning of the Juncker Commission, Heads of Representations are appointed by the President and are his political representatives in the Member State to which they are posted.

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