Article – Share your story on My House of European History

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Article – Share your story on My House of European History

Author: European Parliament.

What does it mean to be a European? It’s not just the great leaders: all people are a part of this history and they have a valuable role to play in preserving this common heritage and identity of ours. So dig through your photos, your videos or even sound files, find digital content you feel is appropriate to share with everyone and upload it to My House of European History, our collaborative platform that aims to become a virtual library of testimonials and stories from people across Europe.

With this platform people enjoy the opportunity to explain what Europe means for them and how they see themselves as having contributed to its history. These stories can be about what it means for you to be European, or even recounting the significant  historical events that have shaped our lives in Europe from a personal angle or that of a loved one.

This platform will be publicly launched on 31 March, during the week celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. The first contributions will be gathered before its launch, mainly through social media, but also through a temporary website. During this stage it ‘s only possible to upload items. After the launch on 31 March, the site will be interactive and you will be able to explore contributions from across Europe.

So go ahead, upload photos, audio files, videos, documents etc. in your own language.

We are the story.

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