Tariq Osman

Tariq Osman is a managing partner at Stonewin, responsible for overseeing the company’s risk assessment, trading and logistical support on a global basis. Tariq began his career in the steel industry, working in the UK, Singapore, and Dubai, where his instinct for identifying niche buying opportunities quickly made him one of the most profitable traders in his office. He subsequently began working in the oil sector with Milio International, a commercial oil company specialising in upstream, midstream and downstream fuel operations and infrastructure. During his time there, the company was supplying jet fuel into Afghanistan, and Tariq excelled at winning new US Government contracts by structuring tailored supply solutions to the likes of Bulgaria and Romania. He joined Stonewin in 2016 to drive growth in government contract procurement, securing deals with Greece, Australia, the Philippines, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and ship supply solutions throughout the Western Hemisphere amongst others. He is presently focused on optimising and expanding Stonewin’s footprint in European and the East African markets.