Shanu Hinduja

Ms Shanu S. P. Hinduja is Chair of Geneva-based Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, Chair of the Hinduja Foundation US, and Co-Chair and Director of Hinduja Global Solutions Inc.

A strong advocate for gender equality and the evolving role of women in the economy, Ms S. P. Hinduja is a leading voice on socioeconomic issues. She is a prolific writer, commentator and speaker on current affairs. Her work has explored subjects ranging from technology, healthcare and education to Brexit and globalisation, and has been published across the European, US and Indian media. In addition to supporting the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the United Nations Global Accelerator – a programme designed to foster entrepreneurial ideas to tackle today’s economic challenges – she has provided scholarships at Massachusetts General Hospital and Cambridge University. A founding member of the environment-focused Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, she has notably addressed the leaders of more than 130 countries at the UN General Assembly, and publicly discussed achievement of the UN’s gender equality goals with former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos.

A senior member of the Hinduja Group’s leadership, Ms S.P. Hinduja began her career at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Nomura, working in portfolio and asset management. She graduated in finance and economics from the INSEAD Business School in France.

Empowering women through collective action: Will 2019 be India’s Year of Women?
By Shanu Hinduja