Dan Alexe

Dan Alexe (born 1961) is a Romanian journalist and filmmaker, known for his documentaries. He has been Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Brussels correspondent since 1990.

Alexe won the IDFA Award for Best First Appearance for his documentary Howling for God at the 1998 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the jury giving it “For its skillful and revealing approach of a religious rivalry in contemporary Macedonia, uncovering its human and political dimensions in a demistifying though respectful way.”

Alexe’s 2006 movie, Cabal in Kabul, filmed in Kabul, Afghanistan shows the last two Jews (according to the filmmaker) in the city who now live in the former synagogue. The two Jews strongly hate each other, which makes the premise of a “comedy documentary”. They accuse each other of having helped the Talibans and they both make their living by selling to the Muslims neighbours: the elderly Isaac sells amulets, while the middle-aged Zebulon sells them illegally produced wine.

Lawyer who defended Milosevic murdered outside his Belgrade home
By Dan Alexe