Candidacies for the Spitzenkandidat of The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists (ACRE) closed on Friday 14 September with two candidates running. The ECR Group’s affiliated Party – ACRE will begin voting on Monday to select their candidate for the EU’s top job.

Long serving MEP, former ECR Group Chairman and currently President of ACRE, Jan Zahradil is on the ballot paper versus former businessman and German MEP Hans Olaf Henkel.

For the first time, ACRE are running a Spitzenkandidat, and are scheduled to announce their official candidate after voting closes on 21st September.

With ACRE growing rapidly across Europe, with as many as 10 new parties set to switch affiliation to ACRE in the coming months, its lead candidate will play an important role in the future of its affiliated caucus in the European Parliament – the ECR Group which is set to loose 20 British MEPs next year.

Wednesday’s vote in the European Parliament in support of Orban indicates the shift in allegiances taking place.