President Jean Claude Juncker wanted a “political” Commission and to this effect, despite the rigidity of the Commission “system”, he made some progress. The new president, Ursula von der Leyen, is even more ambitious. She wants a “geopolitical” Commission. Bravo!

However, how can you have a political or geopolitical Commission when you have no politicians?

Indeed, in the European Commission you have only 27 politicians coming from 27 different countries, speaking 24 different languages, all of which come from different political parties that do not know each other.

Twenty-seven politicians, a sophisticated version of the Crusaders of L’armata Brancaleone led not by Vittorio Gassman but by von der Leyen, who thinks, with great expectations, that she will rule a geopolitical Commission.

The question is how? Indeed, how you can shift a self-reproduced administrative machine that is out of control of the 25,000 deeply dedicated soldiers for their Europe into a geopolitical structure under political control with the no other means but the 27 existing crusaders of L’armata Brancaleone?

A reminder – it was Germany that insisted that the number of commissioners should be smaller than the number of Member States.

That is why the head of EEAS, although they are a vice president of the Commission, is formally is not considered a commissioner.

If von der Leyen wants to crusade to be the political conquer of Project Europe, instead of one she should be asking the Member States to appoint commissioners, based on the average according to their population, ten politicians each to assign as commissioners, alternate commissioners, deputy commissioners, heads of agencies, and directors general.

Only then with the new president have a legitimate and logical claim to think of it as a “geopolitical Commission”.