This article is part of New Europe’s: Our World in 2017

001On the front cover, a woman (C) poses for photographs in Japanese painter Shigeki Matsuyama’s art installation ‘Narcissism: Dazzle room’ during the ‘rooms 33’ fashion and design trade show at Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, 14 September 2016. Photograph by EPA/Franck Robichon.

Choosing a photo for the front cover took hours of debate and discussion. The photo to be used had to be hopeful but not too much so, interesting yet not not straight-forward, with enough lack of definition to make the year to come still within our grasp of creation. ‘Narcissism: Dazzle room’ mystified us, caught our attention in different ways, and left us wanting the artwork to come alive and tell us more about itself. The black and white, like a child’s colouring book, suddenly became Our World in 2017, with different colours seeking a chance to colour it’s spaces as history unfolds.

We hope you enjoy this edition, and the over 100 authors that have come together to make it a reality, each one adding his own shade of colour and defining line in the year to come. It is our dream that each of you will have your life be affected by at least one idea of what you have read in Our World, and that you too will shape our common future, one day at a time in 2017, as our authors have done, one word at a time in the 120 pages of this edition..