A lot of what happens in the European Union is interest driven, but when it comes to taking on global behemoths like Google and Microsoft the EU has never shied from protecting its citizens.

With revelations that “inauthentic” Russian entities had purchased more than $100,000 in advertising to affect the last US presidential election, the EU should carefully examine what course of action it must take to protect itself.

With the 2019 European elections in sight and established links between far-right political parties in Europe and Putin’s Russia, now is the time for EU policymakers to make sure outsiders cannot meddle.

Facebook only released information about the ad sales nearly a year after the election. With leading American politicians asking themselves if it is ‘too little too late’, the US is now wondering if other big technology companies “such as Twitter and Google, had done something similar,” according to the Financial Times.

One concerned voice in Brussels asked, “If all it took for the US election was a little bit of social media advertising, can you imagine how much easier it will be in the less interesting and less expensive EU elections?”