This is the urgent question being asked by UK Liberal, Chris Davies MEP, who has been nominated for a Flying golden Penis award, described as "coveted", by Sarah Berry, the editor of top shelf Forum magazine. Berry describes herself as a "filthy sex journo" and hosts the Erotic Awards ceremony. The evening event, called The Night of the Senses, described as being "the Glastonbury of Sex", is to be held in London on 30 April and also raises funds for the Outsiders Trust that supports disabled people to find partners.
Writing on his blog, Davies, who was nominated as Politician Of The Year, says "It is tempting… A declaration is required that I support their ethos, which I could provide without difficulty, but I decline to proceed. It’s an honour to be considered but it’s not justified. I organised a fringe meeting to give sex workers a voice at last year’s party conference, and more recently I put out a press release defending sex workers from prohibitionist government policies. But it’s not enough. The Golden Penis award must go to someone more deserving."
So, which European politician is more deserving? Could our new President of the Council raise his profile with such an award, or is there a Commissioner or Parliament Member who would benefit from possessing a Flying Golden Penis? Kassandra welcomes your suggestions.