The popular free unlimited service Whatsapp might be blocked in Saudi Arabia 'within weeks', local newspaper Aleqtisadiah reported.

 Country's  Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) claimed that the services doesn't comply with local rules and regulations. However, Whatsapp's representatives are expected to reject the requirements.

Back in March, the CITC issued an statement explaining that some online applications didn't match regulator’s demands. “The CITC has requested licensed service providers to work along with developers of such applications to rapidly meet required regulatory requirements,” it added.

The statement included Whatsapp, Skype and Viber. The last one was banned from the Saudi Arabian network last week, but it was restored alleging technical reason for its non-availability. However, the company didn't make clear whether it finally complied with country's requests.

Talmon Marco, founder and CEO of Viber, told the BBC that the company was working on overcoming the block.

Two years ago, mobile companies in Saudi Arabia communicated with BlackBerry to ensure its messenger service satisfied CITC requirements.

Because the Canadian company fulfilled part of the commission’s requirements, it was allowed to continue its service before it fully adhered to the regulations.