Ah. Election season is setting in. The race has set off with EPP Group Chair Weber sprinting to the top of the pack. Many in Brussels are saying he jumped the gun in his announcing his candidacy, by being the first to place his head on the chopping board, but the reality is that Weber has made his intentions of running clear a long time ago. What’s surprising is that his candidacy would be announced even before the application procedure was declared open by the EPP. To Kassandra’s understanding, by Friday afternoon Weber had not submitted an application yet – which shows Weber is out for a show more than anything else.

To be nominated, a candidate needs the support of his or her own member party, plus the endorsement of not more than two member parties from two EU countries other than the country of origin of the candidate. It remains to be seen who the endorsing countries are. Last time around, Jean-Claude Juncker had the endorsements of Germany through Angela Merkel, and Greece’s New Democracy through Antonis Samaras.