After more than two months of wrangling, Italy finally has the government that it should have had in the first place -. a coalition of M5S (5-Star Movement) and LEGA (League), the anti-establishment forces that won the election back in early March.

The Italian establishment. at first, behaved rather arrogantly, claiming that if the Grillisti (M5S), who won 32.66% of the overall vote in the country, wanted to to be part of a coalition government they must first find a way to align with the basic policies and programmes of the Renziani, the supporters of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his Partito Democratico, who only had 18.72% of voters cast a ballot for them.

A midsummer night’s dream.

Italy’s anti-establishment winners have consistently and firmly rejected a coalition government of technocrats and experts. Since election day, both M5S and LEGA were asking for a politically-oriented government and President Sergio Matarella very wisely agreed to their demands only a few days ago.

It is obvious as to why he did this and a very clear message to all, urbi et orbi, but especially orbi. Europe is undergoing a profound change from the “bottom up” and nothing can stop it.

Western society as a whole is changing – rapidly and irrevocably – and the intelligent politicians of the old guard must come to that realisation, otherwise, they will not only find themselves out of the decision-making process once and for all, but they could discover that they are in deep trouble for years of past administrative mistakes and mismanagement.

There are those who think that M5S founder Beppe Grillo and Donald Trump are sensationalist caricatures who will quickly disappear like falling stars. This may well prove to be true. However, the change that they brought is the type of change that society needs. Now this change will be the new status quo with fresh faces and personalities who will become the new establishment.

The great challenge, for the time being, is to properly manage the transition from old to new. A new establishment is rapidly emerging, which means this is our leading elite’s last chance to destroy the wrongs of the past by themselves and to anticipate the forthcoming change before the newcomers anarchically carry out the process without them.

And let’s stop threatening people with the rise of the Far Right. What Far Right? The people who are often tarnished with this tag are desperate citizens who have voted – in growing numbers, mind you – for anti-establishment parties, precisely because austerity and over-regulation destroyed their lives and led to the depletion of the middle class.

Job losses, dwindling purchasing power, and the disappearance of small businesses generated a new class in our society, the neo-poor. This new social class is unprecedented for Europe and is only comparable with economic immigrants and refugees.

Back in the 1980s, technocrats took over from old guard politicians in Western Europe when the Communist ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ collapsed in the East, but then gradually established a ‘Dictatorship of Administration’ in the West.  At the time, nobody realised that it was not Communism that was the source of misery and desperation, but dictatorial rule.

Societies are like mammoths. They remain dormant for as long as their bellies are full. Once they start to feel hungry, they stand up and start running, subsequently destroying everything in their path. Nothing can stop them.

Before our society starts running, we must bring about the necessary changes ourselves; destroying with our own hands what we did wrong and preserve the good things that remain before society gains momentum and destroys everything.

Freeing citizens from the chains of administrative rule through deregulation and liberalisation, economic relaxation and the righting-off toxic consumer and housing loans, providing easy loans to small businesses and with a sensible inflation rate policy, the economy will be moving again and bring the situation back to square one. Back to the way it was after Europe was liberated in 1945.

We must struggle to preserve the European Union – it is our only real achievement since the end of World War II. We must keep it alive because it is all we have. If we lose it, the Americans, Chinese, and Russians – together – will never let us build it again. But to keep it, we must not only make it stronger, but more democratic, accountable, and beneficial for the average European citizen.

In Brussels, a small cast of technocrats with no political legitimisation or accountability and who are far from the worries, problems, and dreams of Europe’s ordinary people, determine the matters that concern the every-day lives of half a billion people.

When it comes to the Council, where the Member States are in direct contact with the average citizen, it is cleverly kept out of the day-to-day bread and butter issues and kept busy with more important matters including China, Syria, and climate change.

And this is wrong, very wrong…