Because Kassandra can always have more friends

Kassandra gets some fan mail, and sometimes even hate mail. What we love most is communication from concerned citizens and stakeholders. A few days ago, Kassandra was made aware that the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a €25 million tender (around 5 weeks ago) to buy a brand new IT system (SIGA: sisteme integre de gestion des affaire).  “Contrary to ALL business practices in the IT sector“, as the letter of complaint read, the bulk of tender documentation was issued in French (and some in Spanish!). Only 38 documents (out of a total of 100 documents) are available in English. Moreover, the [low-quality] English translation are rather difficult to understand.”

The documents are available here:

The letter told us that the stakeholder requested translations in German and English, but received negative answers, without explanations. And then when a mail to the President of the High Court, Dr Koen Lenaerts was sent, no reply was received at all.

Can the Court of Justice of the European Union claim that they lack translators? The CJEU issues over a million translations per year, pay hundreds of internal translators and spends millions. It does indeed seem strange selective translations should happen, or indeed not happen, for selected projects.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has been working with French and French-Belgian IT companies for years. Do they really intend to look for new suppliers? Or is the public tender just a mere formality?

Alas, unsuccessful tenderers can lodge a case… before the Court of Justice of the European Union… Good luck to them!