Margrethe Vestager, Denmark’s Competition Commission is set to remain in Brussels for another five-year term, according to the country’s new prime minister, Mette Frederiksen.

Vestager may not come from Frederiksen’s party, but the former political leader of the Danish Radical Liberals, who has been in the Commission as Competition Commissioner for the past five years, has done “a really important job for the EU as a competition Commissioner and thus for Denmark,” said Federiksen, who added, “My attitude is that Margrethe Vestager is allowed to continue as Danish commissioner.”

“I also think that when it comes to international posts, then, of course, you also have to look if we have a skilled Commissioner who has the opportunity to continue and who has done an important job in the competition area,” adds Frederiksen. “I can fully and completely say as a Social Democratic prime minister that she is allowed to continue her work”.

Vestager, along with the EPP’s Manfred Weber and the Socialist Frans Timmernmans, both lead candidates from other political groups, have campaigned across the EU, but none of the three has been able to secure a majority in the European Council.

Vestager can still keep her position in the College of Commissioners even if she does not secure the Commission’s top job.

“Yes! I’m happy. Thanks @Spolitik,” Vestager wrote in Danish on her Twitter account.