An Italian government committee a plan to direct all mega-cruise ships weighing more than 100,000 tonnes away from the Venice Grand Canal to the industrial port of Marghera.

Work on infrastructure will begin with a view to delivering the necessary infrastructure within four years, the italian Minister of Transport Graziano Delrio said on Tuesday.

The proposal is a compromise compared to the 2013 flat ban on mega cruise ships from accessing the Giudecca canal in front of Venice’s iconic St. Mark’s Square. The law was fiercely opposed by the tourist industry and overturned in 2015.

The hope is that the new law will safeguard jobs in the tourist industry while protecting the city’s cultural capital.

Environmental groups, UNESCO, and residents have often expressed concerns about the dangers posed to the cultural site by mega cruise ships. The shallow lagoon and canals often have to accommodate dense traffic in addition to ever bigger cruise ships.