Full implementation of EU environmental legislation could save the EU economy around €55 billion every year, EU Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Commissioner Karmenu Vella said in Brussels, citing a recent Commission report.

At the Green Week opening in Brussels on 15 May, Vella said, “Europe’s environmental laws are critical to our future. The laws are ambitious, they are up-to-date, and as recent opinion polls clearly show, people like them. But we know they aren’t fully and properly applied across Europe. Some elements are working very well. The Commission’s actions on the circular economy have made Europe a global leader, with world-beating targets for recycling. And the work continues. We are moving towards introducing circularity in a range of products.”

“Full implementation on the ground is the key to achieving our environmental objectives. For the EU and its Member States, it’s the royal road that leads from ambition to real-world change,” Vella said, stressing that implementation has to improve for the environment, for the economy, for public health.

The Commissioner stressed that good governance means a cleaner environment. “We are building a network of comprehensive environmental legislation that enables a safe environment, in line with citizens’ demands. But making it happen depends on you. Green Week 2019 is all about collective and individual action – action from supermen, and superwomen, like you. Tell us what you care about, show us what you’ve done. Because you have the power, right there in your hands. Make sure you use it wisely,” Vella said.