An agreement has been signed in order to gain more information on the movement of convicted child sex offenders by Alan Bersin, the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs of the United States’ Department of Homeland Security and Dušana Višňovská, the Head of Office of the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. This agreement, signed on September 22, means that the United States and Slovakia will inform each other of any identified child sex offenders that are known to be traveling.  The Department of Homeland Security is making it a priority to get as much information as possible on the travel of these criminals, and this agreement is one step further in the combat against sexual crimes committed against children.

The United States’ Angel watch program keeps track of data about the international movement of child sex offenders and has supported the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their mission to interdict these criminals.  This program, in cooperation with the Slovak Republic’s Ministry of Interior, aims to provide more protection to children and bring more of these criminals to investigation.

In 2015 the United Kingdom and the US signed the same kind of agreement that allows the countries to better keep tabs on child sex offenders who are moving between the two countries.  According to ICE, the organization “provided notice of travel from the U.S. of approximately 2,300 convicted child sex offenders to over 120 countries.”  Through these types of agreements countries are able to more efficiently and accurately monitor traveling child sex offenders and therefore provide more protection for children in these countries.