Developments in Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be discussed at a meeting of the EU’s foreign ministers that will be chaired by chaired by the European Commission’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, on February 18,

According to the official agenda, Europe’s foreign policy chiefs will discuss the continued fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the expected implementation of the Prespes Agreement which will see the  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia change its name to North Macedonia.

The Council will also hold a debate on the situation in Ukraine, including talks about the ongoing war in the country’s east, the status of the pro-European reform programme, and the country’s upcoming presidential elections scheduled for March 31.

The foreign ministers will also discuss the latest developments in the Syrian Civil War and the continued unrest in Venezuela where the embattled Marxist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, is clinging to power with the support of Russia and China despite weeks of pro-democracy street protests and the recognition by most Latin American and Western countries oh Juan Guaido, the elected leader of the opposition, as the country’s interim head of state.