The suicide of the Pirate Party politician, Gerwald Claus-Brunner, appears to be unrelated to poor electoral results in Berlin on Sunday.

Brunner’s body was found with that of a 29-year old party member on Monday evening. On Sunday, Brunner lost his place in the local parliament, as the Pirates got only 1,7%, well below the 5% threshold.

But, new evidence suggests Brunner killed his partner before taking his own life and that this was a crime of passion.

Did the Pirate know?

The German daily “Die Welt” reported on Thursday that the 44-year old-Brunner confessed to murdering his 29-year old companion, Jan L. The police did not confirm the letter but did say they were changing the investigation.

According to the German daily, the confession was made to a pirate colleague, who is not named.

On Monday, a Pirate Party statement suggested Brunner suffered from an “incurable illness.”

In a statement on Monday, the Pirate Party mentioned an “incurable sickness.”

Friends recalled that Brunner warned online in June that in the next legislature “… you will stand up and have a minute of silence for me at the beginning of the plentary meeting.”

These comments accompanied his observation that the party would be unable to pass the 5% threshold to enter the parliament, as it didn’t.

Currently, the Chair of the Pirate Party in Berlin, Bruno Kramm, has left Berlin for his second home in Finland.

Crime of passion

The two bodies were found at the politician’s apartment in the Steglitz neighbourhood. However, no blood of the second victim was found in the apartment.

Blood was found in the 29-year old man’s apartment. And the autopsy shows Jan L. died days before Brunner.  And the body was found with multiple injuries.

Around the time of Jan’s death, Brunner tweeted the message “My love, my life, for you my dear fuzzy head, for ever and ever!”

That leads to the hypothesis that Jan L. was killed in his apartment and carried to Brunner’s, as the police spokesman admitted in a press conference on Wednesday.

Jan L. had worked with Brunner at the party offices in Berlin. But, apparently the 29-year old was less eager to continue the relationship. The victim appears to have reported Brunner to the police for stalking in June, DW reports.

dm/msh (dpa)