Just ten days after David Davis’ resignation as the UK’s Brexit Secretary, his replacement, Dominic Raab, made his way to the European Commission in Brussels for the first time on July 18 to meet with the EU executive’s chief UK withdrawal negotiator, Michel Barnier.

“We have lots of work to do with our teams,” said Barnier, who added that “there are 13 weeks left until European Council in October,” where the two sides must finalise the withdrawal agreement and prepare a political declaration on a future relationship.

In March, the EU presented an unprecedented framework partnership that includes economics and trade as well as a border and security policies that will highlight the close partnership between Europe and the UK.

“We have made a lot of progress in our withdrawal agreement, particularly regarding citizens’ rights,” and on the implementation period. “There are still gaps we need to fill, but we have made a lot of progress,” Raab said, adding “It is vital that we make progress on the establishment of a framework for our future partnership.”