Ukraine’s national joint stock company Naftogaz said the country has introduced daily balancing to comply with the EU gas market regulations.

Starting from March 1, the Ukrainian gas market has switched to a daily balancing regime, Naftogaz said in a statement on March 4, explaining that to support this transition, Ukraine’s gas transmission system operator Ukrtransgaz has introduced a new information platform based on SAP software.

“This step is a key milestone in the reform of Ukraine’s energy sector,” Naftogaz said. “From now on, the Ukrainian gas market operates within the same framework which is applied in gas balancing zones of EU Member States. In this respect, the Ukrainian side has fulfilled all relevant commitments by the Government of Ukraine within the Association Agreement with the European Union,” the statement read.

According to Naftogaz, at Ukrtransgaz’ website, market players can access diverse data, including the number of gas consumers registered in the system, as well as the number of submitted and confirmed nominations. Using their personal EIC codes, gas consumers can also check their status, including the availability of a supplier or inclusion to the disconnection list, the statement read.

During several months of the transition period, Ukrtransgaz has conducted over 20 workshops for more than 1500 network users and continues to consult all market participants through its Technical Support Center, Naftogaz said.