The UK Independence Party (UKIP), a Eurosceptic and right-wing populist political party in the United Kingdom, is an interesting example of a political party aimed at beating records.

Based exclusively on anti-EU rhetoric, the party was in the core of the Brexit campaign and due to the efforts of its historical leader, Nigel Farage, the British electorate voted in favour of leaving EU.

However, the UKIP lost all its power in the UK following the Brexit referendum.

With no MPs in the House of Commons, the party’s existence hinges on the European Union. It is not without irony that the UKIP is an anti-European party that exists, thanks to its many MEPs, in the European Parliament. And all its delegates are paid by the European taxpayers!

Last week, UKIP beat another record: it elected a new leader. It’s fourth leader following last year’s Brexit referendum. Henry Bolton, an ex-soldier and former police officer, was one of seven candidates. All of them pledged to save (electorally) the party.