The UK is calling for a deal with Brussels that will allow security cooperation after Brexit.

The “Framework for the UK-EU Security Partnership” presented on Thursday envisages a bilateral security treaty that will bind each EU member state to share data and coordinate law enforcement with London.

The former Home Office minister Theresa May wants to retain security ties, after the UK takes back control of it’s borders and security. The UK is making the case that this arrangement would be of mutual benefit, given UK’s brand of strong intelligence services.

The UK is particularly keen to maintain the European arrest warrant, but also wants to retain a seat on the table of the trans-European police agency Europol.

In a presentation entitled “Framework for the UK-EU Security Partnership, Britain outlined its plan for a new internal security treaty that would maintain levels of cooperation, including through EU agencies, and data-driven law enforcement.

Thus far, the European Commission says that non-members have no access to Europol and intelligence sharing.