The President of the European Council. Donald Tusk wrote on Wednesday in a letter to EU leaders that he is “cautiously optimistic” that a swift process to determine the future leadership of the European Union looks likely “on Thursday”, during a European summit in Brussels.

The leaders will discuss the EU’s top jobs on Thursday. Tusk, the leaders of the bloc’s 28 nations, and the European Parliament group heads will negotiate who will head the presidency of the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank, and the European Stability Mechanism, are constantly meeting both officially and unofficially.

Tusk has already spoken with the EU’s leaders by phone and was expected to do another round of calls ahead of the launch of the summit. He had been working closely with several of the leaders, as well as the European Parliament and its political group leaders, for the past three weeks in the hope that they could come to an agreement to appoint the new leaders of the EU institutions before the first session of the European Parliament on 2 July, a senior EU official said.

“There will be many meetings of prime ministers, party sessions and talks of different parties,” he said. “That’s why I can not say anything more as the matter is in the hands of the leaders,” the official said. “The number of contacts that take place is breathtaking.” “Let’s hope we can do it on Thursday, as President Tusk said.”

“I remain cautiously optimistic, as those I have spoken to have expressed determination to decide swiftly. I hope we can make it on Thursday,” said Tusk ahead of Thursday’s summit.