The Dutch Labour Party rebounded as the biggest party of the centre-left in The Netherlands, gaining a 19% share of the vote and six of 26 seats in the European Parliament.

Only two years ago, the party had its worst result in history after it lost three-quarters of its parliamentary seats. The party’s prospects were boosted, however, by Frans Timmermans, the vice president of the European Commission and one of the lead candidates to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker in the EU’s top job.

The Greens also did well, securing an 11% share of the vote, but the night was particularly devastating for the Socialist Party, which secured only 3.4% of the vote.

Overall, pro-EU parties triumphed in a country where Eurosceptics usually fair well. Prime Minister Mark Rutte‘s Party for Freedom and Democracy plummeted to only 14.6% of the vote, which translates to only 4 MEPs in the next parliament. The centrist Christian Democratic Appeal received 12%, outperforming polls and electing 3 MEPs.

The anti-Islam Forum for Democracy Party did worse than expected, gaining merely 11% of the vote, securing three seats in the European Parliament.

Geert Wilders, whose high-profile anti-immigration PVV party that gained headlines in recent years, and the Socialists, lost their representation in the European Parliament.