US-China relations are deteriorating due to the initiatives of Donald Trump. The American president thinks and reacts as an intelligent businessman, not as a politician. Trump is conscious of the demographics and the reasons behind China’s growth. He’s also well-aware that within a couple of decades, China will dominate the world and wants to top it. This is something that politicians either cannot envisage or they do not care as their perspective does not go beyond the next election. Now their main concern is political correctness, possible sexual harassments cases from past century, and human rights…all to an exaggerated level.

The respect for human rights is the cornerstone of our democratic civilisation. There is, however, a limit for everything. Metron ariston – “Moderation is best”. Indeed, defending the human rights of immigrants is fine, but if we do not stop exaggerating, probably, if not certainly, the chair that Jean-Claude Juncker currently occupies will be a Francophone Arab or German-speaking Turk. Indigenous Europeans will no longer be allowed to demonstrate for the violation of their own human rights as in the Muslim world demonstrations are not allowed.

What is playing out on the local level for Europe and its immigrants, Trump can see foresee on a global level for the whole of the Western world in regards to China.

This is what Trump sees, which the politicians cannot, and this is what he is trying to avoid with preventive measures such escalating tariffs on Chinese products and the undermining of Beijing’s ties to Pyongyang. And this is only the beginning because if Trump survives, the final strike will be a total embargo on products made in China.

The “how” is simple. As simple as the great ideas that changed the world.

China has a Communist regime that is combined with a free economy system. The free economy is, however, limited to the party apparatchiks doing business and foreign investors. The working class of China works under strict Communist conditions.  When the political climate in the West is properly manipulated, the US will come up with a simple excuse and will embargo all Chinese products…first in the US and its dependents, then in Europe.

In the not-so-distant future, Trump may claim that Chinese products are produced by “forced labour.” This is true, but so far no one bothers to mention this fact as Western investors are the first to take advantage of forced Chinese labour. But if starvation salaries, no workers’ rights to strike or for form trade unions, and the appalling conditions that minors work under are not considered prime examples of forced labour, then what is?

Could all of this happen? A decade ago nobody would even think about. Today, nobody knows.