An Indian attorney has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the high court of Gujarat, India’s western-most state, attempting to ban the smartphone game Pokémon Go.

The allegation that the popular game is hurting the sentiment of some local religious communities such as Hindus and Jains was the reason behind the request of the ban.

Pokémon Go players gather around places which are shown to be PokéStops within the game in order to gain points and save their progress, and generally these are located nearby tourist attractions and worship places.

During the game, players can collect points in the form of eggs which show up near to temples; this is what triggered the complaints.

Some religious communities such as Hindus and Jains abstain themselves from consuming non-vegetarian foods, including eggs. In India, Hindu and Jain religion temples also do not permit non-vegetarian food at the entrance.

Representatives of Niantic Inc., the California based company that develop and distributed the game, and Nintendo Co., a part owner of Niantic, didn’t respond or comment yet on this petition.

On twitter and other social media the news was commented with ridiculous tweets with the hashtag  #pokemongoindia.