The Good Lobby, a civic startup created to promote further closeness between citizens and the policy-making process, has recently released its first informational toolkit of advice and resources for political engagement utilising social media.

Alexander Mäkelä, the author of the kit, is a former public policy associate at Facebook and wrote manual after gaining experience at Facebook and seeing the impact that social media had on the political process. In releasing the package of suggestions, he hopes to aid European leaders, whether those in civil society or politics, in communicating effectively with citizens and thus driving citizen engagement in the political process.

Mäkelä argues that rather than seeing social media as a small supplemental part of their campaigns, politicians and those in the political campaigns ought to see social media as a primary tool for engagement with citizens. He argues, however, that social media accounts should no longer be treated as advertising, but should rather be utilised to make real, effective connections with subscribers.

For the purpose of organising content into a pyramid, Mäkelä uses the GaryVee Content Model with long-form pillar content such as podcasts, vlogs, or interviews to create micro-content that includes video highlights, Facebook posts, or articles that drive attention toward the pillar content and engage readers with topics that campaigns want citizens to see.

Mäkelä also delves into how to make content engaging and compelling by having a coherent story, using appealing formats and even memes and hashtags.

The toolkit includes over a hundred links to further resources on the subjects covered, which include how to build a content creation process, how to use PowerPoint, and other ways to use effectively use social media. It also includes many free resources, such as apps, programmes, and articles that improve communication and further learning about social media communication.

On February 22, from 2pm-4pm, The Good Lobby and Alexander Mäkelä will present a “Social Media for Change” workshop at Townhall Europe at The Davignon Centre for New Leadership in Brussels. Attendees will learn skills to use for digital engagement and how to become more responsible users.