We live in the time of the enabling agenda.  In a time of uncertainty about the future evolution of the global economy, more than ever it is central to develop effective strategies of innovation, competitiveness and knowledge capacitation.

Productivity and value creation are the key words for this new time of reinvention. Combine the tradition with innovation, reinforce the commitment between the local and the global, to believe in a new network society where the process of creation and distribution of value is more effective – this is the new challenge in a time of change.

The best solution to this global complex crisis seems to be a new kind of public policies centered  in new  effective partnership contracts between all the actors (States, Universities, Companies, Civil Society), in order to build a real strategy of confidence in the implementation of the different policies. Innovation, Creativity  and Knowledge as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination and with this strategy the commitment is done  between those who have the responsibility of thinking and those that have the responsibility of producing goods and services.

Focusing on the New Solutions is in a large sense to defend an active entrepreneurial culture and attitude –   we need people to have a new challenge. People must be able to be the real platform of a more entrepreneurial society, centered in new areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. In this new strategy, the key word is Co-creation.

To promote a dynamic and active  creation process involving each citizen is the big challenge for the next years and people must understand the real value of its own individual contribution to the global community.

But the contribution of a New and Effective State is essential at the same time.

It will no be possible to construct the basis for a more competitive and integrative society with the capacity of giving the social and economic ecossystem the right tools for cooperation and participation. This is the reinvention of the message of the classicial economic theory, centered in a new concept of state bulding, more focused on the role of the strategic conditions that allow society to have the necessary conditions to implement its process of value construction.

We need to focus in the New Solutions in order  to promot of a new culture of society integration and competitive advantage construction.

This is not done by law, but by a strong and progressive process of social and economic construction, where the individual has the possibility and the right to participate and give its contribution.

Getting back to the basics is to believe in the future following the best solutions of the past and the collective engagement of the present. This is the right way to construct a future that is the answer to our global challenge of citizens of a world of change.