The trial of six Uzbek and Kyrgyz nationals accused of financing terrorism and planning a terror attack after sending funds to the ISIS in Syria went on trial in Stockholm on January 7.

The suspects were identified in court documents as Uzbek nationals Bakhtior Umarov, 30, Gulom Tadjiyev, 39, Shoahmad Mahmudov, 24, and David Idrisson, 46, and 39-year-old Kyrgyz national Atabek Abdullayev. A sixth man, 34-year old Uzbek, Akromion Ergashev, is believed to have sent approximately €1750 to a middleman in Turkey, who channelled the money to Syria.

Abdullayev, Idrisson, and Umarov are also accused of a terrorist plot to attack Stockholm, having purchased large amounts of chemicals to make explosives, as well as gas masks, walkie-talkies and other military equipment,

One of the suspects is also believed to have been in contact with Rakhmat Akilov, an Uzbek asylum seeker who used his car to mown down pedestrians in Stockholm with a stolen truck in April 2017, killing five people.

The six men were arrested on April 30. Their sentencing is expected as soon as in February.