Italy's Antitrust Authority (AGCM) has imposed a €103,794 million fine on Telecom Italia for “have abused its dominant position” in the network infrastructure and hampered competitors.

According to the official statement released by AGCM, the authority has identified two actions through which Italy’s largest telecom operator had secured its market share by obstructing competitors' expansion in the market for broadband internet and voice offerings.

The investigation, which was launched in June 2010, has concluded that Telecom Italia imposed to its rivals an “unfairly high” number of obstacles in order to access wholesale services. Besides, the company treated in a discriminatory way requests from other operators, compared to those originating from its internal divisions.

As a result, the authority fined Telecom Italia €88.2 million, plus €15.6 million for aggressively discounting the cost of fixed-line access for large business clients, generating a breach of competition rules.

Telecom Italia explained in a statement that it have always assured equal treatment regarding network access, in compliance with the current regulations.

“The absence of any discriminatory behaviour within the technical support is confirmed by all the 2012 certified data… These indicators demonstrate that the alternative operators have been enjoying services on a par with, if not actually better than, the commercial divisions of Telecom Italia," it added.

The Italian operator is now planning to appeal the ruling to the Regional Administrative Tribunal and said it will prove the fairness of its practices.