Taliban launch a violent attack at the parliament of Afghanistan on Monday, as a suicide bomber and several gunmen tried to break into the building.

A series of explosions and gunfire forced lawmakers to evacuate the parliament in Afghanistan, as the Taliban attackers were shooting outside the building. According to Al Jazeera no fatalities are being reported but 21 people, including five women and three children, were taken to nearby hospitals. The lawmakers are also safe.

Ebadullah Karimi, spokesman for Kabul police said: “A suicide bomber blew himself up just outside the parliament building and several fighters took positions in a building close to parliament.” According to the police, the operation is now ended, with seven terrorists being killed.

According to Al Jazeera, the attack started with the explosion of the suicide bomber who was driving a car and immediately after the gunmen, positioned at a building under construction across the street, started to shoot at the parliament of Afghanistan. Police said at least three police officers were injured in the attack.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack and he said on the phone: “We have launched an attack on parliament as there was an important gathering to introduce the country’s defence minister.”

After the withdrawal of the foreign forces, Afghanistan forces are struggling to confine the Taliban. The terrorists, launched several major attacks in important Afghan provinces and Kunduz is now the second district to fall to the terrorist group. On Sunday, Taliban captured Dasht-e-Archi district.

Taliban IS

According to Washington Post, Islamic State (IS) terrorist group is also interested in expanding its presence at Afghanistan and Taliban warned IS that if they want to fight in the country, they need to join them.

Taliban released a letter saying to IS: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from a brotherhood point of religion wants your goodness and has no intention of interfering in your affairs,” reads the letter, which was sent to journalists on Tuesday. “Reciprocally, we hope and expect the same from you.”