We hear that even though Scotland has yet to vote on independence from the United Kingdom, it appears to have made one of the first steps towards being a player on the global stage.

They have started issuing travel advisory notices and we’ve had a look at the very first one.

Travel Advice

Status:  Current

Visitors to Scotland are advised that Scottish culture and history differs from that south of the border.

People loudly proclaiming themselves to be the ‘Heir to Thatcher’, or claiming to represent ‘true Thatcherism’ and in extreme cases making remarks similar to "If Margaret Thatcher was still in Downing Street, there'd be no need for UKIP," may find themselves in difficulties during social interaction with Scots.

There is a current debate on the future of Scotland, centred around a referendum on Independence. While opinions are divided, the debate is taking place, largely through moderate debate. Referring to those supporting a Yes vote as “Yobbos, fascist scum” is unlikely to be popular with Scots on either side of the issue.

While this behaviour may end badly in places like Edinburgh (at least on the Royal Mile) it would be a lot worse in other parts, such as Glasgow.

Visitors are also advised that taxi drivers do not always accept English monetary notes, but may take payment in Euros, at the driver’s discretion.