Julian Assange will be questioned by Swedish prosecutor Ingrid Isgren in the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Monday.

Swedish extradition request loses legal ground

A Swedish policeman will also be present and it is expected that Assange may be asked for a DNA sample.

Assange will be asked about a rape case that emerged six years ago. Under Swedish law, if a woman feels threatened at any time, a person could be accused of rape. Apparently, the accusation is that the night the woman and Assange had sex he penetrated her for a second time without a condom, while she was asleep.

Subsequently, the Swedish police issued an arrest warrant to question him. Now that he will be questioned in London, there will be no legal basis for his arrest.

Assange fears Obama Administration

However, that does not mean he will leave the Ecuadorian Embassy. His lawyer, Melinda Taylor, told Germany’s public broadcaster DW that Assange fears the outgoing US administration may be doubling its efforts to have him arrested and extradited. Although there is no extradition request from the US, the informer of WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.

There is now speculation on whether or not the president-elect Donald Trump would be willing pardon Assange and other whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and Manning. The Wikileaks founder released information during the US Presidential campaign that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hillary Clinton sustains that WikiLeaks was provided with the material it published by Russian intelligence services. Russian hackers allegedly hacked into Democratic National Committee computers, releasing e-mails that suggested a bias in her favour and against her opponent, Bernie Sanders. Russia has denied the accusations.

The Trump campaign encouraged more revelations against the Clinton campaign at the time. He invited Russia to release thousands of e-mails from Clinton’s terms at the US State Department. Assange has never confirmed or denied that the WikiLeaks source was the Russian government. His access to the internet was disrupted by the Ecuadorian embassy in mid-October.