The biggest threat to Sweden is terror attacks inspired by radical Islamist ideology, such as that promoted by Islamic State and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East, according to a new report released by the Nationellt Centrum För Terrorhotbedömning (NCT).

The NCT, which is a group comprised of staff from Sweden’s security police and tasked with evaluating the threat of terrorism, presented its 2017 report on January 18.

According to The Local, the report says a terror attack is more likely to be inspired by the actions of Islamic State rather than actively orchestrated by any of its leaders or members abroad.

“The biggest risk we’re seeing is the individual player, who has been inspired and perhaps radicalised, almost on their own. In our view that risk is greater than a major coordinated attack with several actors similar to Paris for example,” Mats Sandberg, head of NCT, told Swedish public radio on January 18.

Sweden’s security police believe that around 300 Swedish nationals have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join groups such as Isis in the past few years, although fewer such journeys were made in 2016 than before.