1 2The Spitzenkandidaten show has kicked off as the European Commission Presidency is up for grabs.

EPP nominee Alex Stubb has upped the ante on the communication side, with a tremendous high-contrast campaign that has set Brussels off balance. Stubb’s fresh, youthful communication may not change the election outcome next year, but it is certainly turning heads in Brussels and may have a significant effect on the EPP’s internal primary for the Party’s final candidate in November.

Most impressive was the reaction of Jan Zahradil. The ACRE candidate used Stubb’s own communication against him. Zahradil’s post was humorous, reminding Brussels of a comms dance-off. More than that, it highlighted the different political approach of the two figures regarding the EU.

Zahradil’s fans must certainly be feeling Stubb got served. Stubb, on his part, took the whole thing in Nordic good form, retweeting Zahradil’s post, and responding ‘Good one’.

All that remains to be seen is whether any of the other nominees will jump into the fray.

What is certain is that in the EPP’s internal battle, Manfred Weber is already falling behind.