European Union membership is a good thing, according to 50% of Slovaks. This is based on the findings of the latest Eurobarometer survey.

The survey findings also show that 74% of Slovaks believe their country has benefited from EU membership.

“This is one of the highest figures in the EU, as the EU average in terms of benefiting from EU membership was 64% in the survey,” said Soňa Mellak, communications attaché of the European Parliament’s Information Office in Slovakia, as cited by the TASR newswire.

According to The Slovak Spectator, the EU’s image in Slovakia has improved when compared to previous surveys, including when it comes to the country’s voice within the EU. As many as 39% of Slovaks think that the country’s voice has some force in the Union.

“In this case, however, the figure is below the European average [47%],” said Mellak.

Other findings from the Eurobarometer survey show that 48% of Slovaks worry about terrorism, as well as uncontrolled migration (45%), poverty (39%) and unemployment (36%).