Bratislava decided to extradite an asylum seeker to Russia on Tuesday.

The Slovak Ministry of Justice defied protests by human rights groups and the objections of a UN Human Rights Committee ruling to surrender Aslan Yandiev. Human rights groups argue that Yandiev faces the threat of torture and other forms of ill-treatment.

Yandiev is from Ingushetia.  According to Russian media sources, he escaped from Russia and sought asylum in Slovakia, claiming he had been tortured to confess to terrorist activity. He was detained in Slovakia in 2011 and has since been fighting against his extradition.

The Russian arrest warrant links Yandiev to a series of bombing attacks in 2006 in Vladikavkaz, Russia. His defence team claims that the extradition was illegal, Reuters reports.

The Slovak Ministry of Justice said in a statement that the man had to be either released or extradited. Given the gravity of the allegations, he was extradited.