Senator Bernie Sanders has gathered more than $34.5 million in fundraising during the fourth quarter of 2019, his presidential campaign announced, weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

So far, this is the largest fundraising quarter of the 2020 Democratic primary. The campaign said that it received more than 1.8 million donations in the final quarter, and added that Sanders has received “more contributions than any campaign has received at this point in a presidential election in the history of our country”.

He raised $18.2 million during the first quarter, $18 million in the second and $25.3 million during the third quarter.

Despite his heart attack in October, Sanders had a strong end to the year. He returned to the campaign after he released letters from medical professionals saying that he is in good health for the presidency.

“He is proving each and every day that working class Americans are ready and willing to fully fund a campaign that stands up for them and takes on the biggest corporations and the wealthy. You build a grassroots movement to beat Donald Trump and create a political revolution one $18 donation at a time, and that’s exactly why Bernie is going to win”, said his campaign manager Faiz Shakir.

Other Democratic presidential primary candidates have yet to announce how much money they have gathered for the quarter, but it is already clear Sanders has raised significantly more than his rivals.