Klaas Dijkhoff, who is considered the most like successor of Mark Rutte in the leadership of the Dutch liberal party (VVD), has outlined his vision for the governing party’s next chapter after the prime ministers’ retirement.

Dijkhoff is currently the leader of the 33 VVD MPs in The Netherlands’ lower parliament. His main message is that the party should not be moving further to the right, but should, instead, focus on the party’s message, ‘Liberalism that works for the people’, in which the VVD would become more responsive to its constituency and tone down the party’s expressly pro-big-business image.

Djikhoff’s policy proposals included the abolition of current freedom of education rules to encourage the integration of faith-based education. This was largely interpreted as a proposal directed against Islamic education. but triggered the reaction of the ChristenUnie party, currently a junior coalition partner in the Rutte government.