Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not optimistic about resolving the Ukraine conundrum.

Speaking in Brussels ahead of the European summit on Thursday, Rutte told reporters his pessimism ‘has only worsened.’

Rutte told ANP on Thursday that there was a need for cooperation in Brussels, Kyiv, and the Hague, to seal a deal that can be taken to the Dutch parliament. “To ask my colleagues to agree I need to be certain that such a solution has landing rights on all fronts and I’m not optimistic about that. Time is running out,” Rutte said.

Dutch voters rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty on closer political and economic ties in April. The broad political, trade and defense treaty had already passed from both chambers of the Dutch Parliament and had been sealed with the approval of the Prime Minister. And then, it had to be revoked. 64% of Dutch referendum voters rejected it; the turnout was 32%, just enough to be legally valid.

Even though the referendum was advisory, government and opposition have vowed to respect it.