Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has announced on the discovery of new hydrocarbon fields on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula.

The Federal Agency for Mineral Resources approved on 17 May the expert opinions of the State Reserves Commission with regard to the discovery of the Dinkov and Nyarmeyskoye fields.

The Dinkov field, named after of a prominent minister of the Soviet Union’s gas industry, is situated within the Rusanovsky licensed block in the Kara Sea. The field is unique in terms of gas reserves: its recoverable reserves in the С1+С2 categories total 390.7 billion cubic metres.

The Nyarmeyskoye field is located in the Nyarmeysky licensed block in the Kara Sea. In terms of gas reserves, it is a large field with the recoverable amount of 120.8 billion cubic metres in the С1+С2 categories.

Gazprom secured the subsurface use licenses for the Rusanovsky and Nyarmeysky licensed blocks in 2013. Since then, 3D seismic surveys covering 5,790 square kilometres have been carried out within these blocks, with two prospecting wells drilled in 2018.

Gazprom also has subsurface use licenses for the Leningradskoye and Rusanovskoye fields on the Kara Sea shelf.