United States’ President Donald Trump hosted Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov on 10 December at the White House.

During a meeting in the Oval Office, Lavrov and secretary of state Mike Pompeo briefed Trump on their discussions over the bilateral relationship between the two sides. Trump later tweeted he had “a very good meeting” with Russia’s representatives.

“Discussed many items including Trade, Iran, North Korea, INF Treaty, Nuclear Arms Control, and Election Meddling. Look forward to continuing our dialogue in the near future!”, Trump tweeted.

Russia has long denied US intelligence agencies’ claims that the country was behind a disinformation campaign to influence the 2016 elections in favor of Trump.

Lavrov repeated Russia’s denials of the interference, saying that Moscow wanted to publish US-Russian communications that proved Russia didn’t interfere in the election, but that Washington had blocked their release.

“We suggested to our colleagues that in order to dispel all suspicions that are baseless: Let us publish this close channel of correspondence starting from October 2016 until November 2017 so it would all become very clear to many people,” Lavrov stated.

Pompeo also warned Lavrov against further interference in next year’s presidential election: “Should Russia or any foreign actor take steps to undermine our democratic processes, we will take action in response,” Pompeo said.

During the meeting, Pompeo and Lavrov also discussed arms control agreements, conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, North Korea’s nuclear program and Venezuela.