People run for different reasons. Some run for fitness, some run to lose weight, some run for fun, some run to meet new friends, some run to improve their energy levels, some run to feel good about themselves, some run to help with stress relief, some run to be part of a community, some run for a specific goal, for some running is a profession.

But beyond the personal reasons which motivate people to get up and go, runners around the world are helping good causes by running for charity.

Charity runners contribute to the community as a whole through their running.

Every step they take is meaningful. It is not important ‘how’ they run, it is important ‘why’ they run. Through their running they aim to raise awareness and to fundraise for a cause they are passionate about. They sometimes dedicate their running to the memory of a loved one, or a survivor, fundraise for cancer, diabetes, or even the environment; find sponsorship to help disadvantaged children, reduce poverty, and promote freedom and world peace.

The list of causes people are putting one foot in front of the other to support is endless, and these individuals are taking on issues that affect our societies one way or another. Many races benefit various charities, and some charities offer race training in exchange for fundraising.

Running for a good cause, for something that’s bigger than you is a fantastic way to stay motivated and to keep training. You will have a purpose. It can make your races even more meaningful and fulfilling, as your effort and participation will not just focus on your personal goals, but also be directed towards the collective good of society.

In the 20km of Brussels, every year, thousands of people run for one of over one hundred charities.

If you have signed up to one of the multiple charities and are looking for ways to fundraise, here’s a few tips:

1. Be passionate about your cause and understand why you are running for charity even if you are not personally connected to the cause. You will be more effective if you are clear and you understand the reasons.

2. Use a fundraising platform to set a goal and ask your family, friends and colleagues to help you in reaching as many people possible.

3. Use social media to inform people that you are running for a cause.

4. Organize a fundraising event it can be as simple as a bake sale.

5. Match your donations. Ask a sponsor or your employer to match the donations you raise.

6. Create a video, speak from your heart why it is important for you to fundraise for this cause. All you need is your smartphone.

7. The earliest you start, the better the results you will have. 

Remember that no matter the cause, your participation will make a difference.

So, find the cause that speaks to your heart. Make your steps count towards a better society for all.

Are you running for a good cause at the 20km of Brussels? Send us for what charity you are running and why it is important for you.

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