This content is part of ‘Our World’ (February 2018).

The New Year is mostly about a New Convergence.  The Year  in which  citizens and firms must adjust to a different order and  must regain its Internal Competitive Advantage. In this way it´s essential to learn the lessons that more than ever emerge from a world that is trying to rebuild its effective order and to reinvent its dynamic role in a complex and global dimension. We  must be reinvented in this Year of  New Convergence.   

In the New Global Economy and Innovation Society, citizens and firms have a central role to play towards a new attitude connected with the creation of value and focus on creativity. In a time of change, citizens and firms can´t wait.  They must confirm themselves as a “enabler actors” in a very demanding world, introducing in the society and in the economy a capital of trust and innovation that is essential to ensure a central leadership in the future. The actors from this world should be more and more global, capable of driving to the  social matrix a unique dynamic of knowledge building and selling it as a mobile asset on the global market.

This Year of a New Convergence  must be supported by some strategic proposals that demand a new operational agenda from all the political, economical and social actors. First of all, citizens and firms must know how to integrate in a positive way it society. Social cohesion is done with the constructive participation of the citizens and it is more and more necessary an effective attitude of mobilization for this effort. Education must be the right tool for this strategic ambition for a New World.

Secondly, Innovation and Creativity must be the “enablers” for competitiveness. Universities and Companies must perform a new strategic partnership centered in the objectives of the added value, creativity and knowledge.

This is the basis for a future effective implementation  of the New Strategy  2020. Economy and society  have still a strong opportunity to implement an agenda of innovation – the opportunity is more and more effective and it can´t be lost.

Thirdly, the excellence of the new world is more and more the excellence of its regions. The development of strategic projects like the Poles of Competitiveness, Clusters of Innovations and Knowledge Cities and Regions is the effective confirmation that the basis for a new agenda in the world depends on the capacity of its regions. A New Time in the New Year is more and more the confidence of the development of the capacity of the local actors performing an effective Agenda of Change.

Fourthly, citizens and firms have a unique identity based on its strong culture. Culture is a unique asset.

Citizens and firms must be able to involve other global partners in the construction of integrated projects focused on the development of culture as a driver for development. The reinvention of  culture is itself a very innovative way to involve more and more the global actors in this project for the future.

We need a New Year of the citizens. Where people know who they are and have a strong commitment with the values of freedom, social justice and development. This is the reason to believe that a new standard of Democracy, more than a possibility, is an individual and collective necessity for all of us, effective global citizens. Habermas is more than ever present – the difference of society will be in the exercise of the capacity of the individual participation as the central contribution to the reinvention of the collective society.  This is a process that is not determined by law. It is a real roadmap for a New Year of Convergence.