Some of Google's rivals will have more time to think about its comments on the proposals formally presented by the search engine last month, Reuters has reported.

EU antitrust regulators have decided to extend the period within which competitors are expected to improve the concessions issued by Google on its antitrust case.

After the tech giant presented its proposals to Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia on 12 April, the European Commission told interested parties they had until 26 May to say if they are satisfied with the offer.

Now, the EU antitrust authority has given them until 27 June to finish their analysis and present their conclusions, a source familiar with the matter told the news agency.

Extensions of time are possible if there are strong reasons for doing so. New Europe contacted the Competition's spokesman, but at the time of writing this article no response has been received.

In 2010, the European Commission began its investigation into the popular search engine after receiving complaints from its competitors, including Microsoft. These companies claimed that Google was using its power to block rivals and obtain benefits.

The proposals presented one month ago could help Google avoid a $5 billion fine.